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I am Dr. Thomas Youm, a board certified orthopedic surgeon, specializing in shoulder, elbow, hip and knee injuries. My goal is to offer the entire spectrum of treatment to patients to get them back to their active lifestyle. This includes physical therapy, bracing, injections, stem cell therapy, and surgery if all else fails. I specialize in joint preservation surgeries in athletes using the latest evidence-based techniques to improve outcomes and deter joint replacement surgery. If arthroplasty is required, I promote same day joint replacement surgery for my patients to return to their active lifestyle as quick as possible.

Dr Thomas Youm MD Orthopaedic Surgeon

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  • Journal Shoulder Elbow Surgery

    Dr. Youm’s Recent Publications

    Good Functional Outcomes expected after shoulder arthroplasty irrespective of body mass index.

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    Dr.Youm was featured on Doctor Radio on Sirius XM on 4/19/17.He gave his expert discussion on hip injuries and treatment in the athlete.. Read More View All
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    Dr Youm repaired my meniscus and my sons. He is a great doctor. Both of my son and myself have fully recovered from our surgeries and are really happy with the results. The care we received in the office was phenomenal. - By - G H

  • Book of Sports Medicine

    Stem Cell News

    Ultrasound-Guided Injection of Platelet Rich Plasma & Hyaluronic Acid, Separately

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