Hip Arthroscopy Patients

The operation was performed through two or three small incisions. You may experience some swelling in the joint. This is usually due to fluid used during the surgery for visualization. This fluid is usually reabsorbed by your body over time. You may have some bruising in the operated leg as well. This may travel down the leg with gravity.

Dressing: A waterproof plastic dressing is typically used. You may shower and get the dressing wet as long as the wound stays sealed. The dressing should stay on for the first week after surgery and will be removed at your first follow-up visit. If there is seepage through the drainage, please change the dressing with gauze. Please do not bathe or swim for the first 4 weeks.

Ice Machine: If you choose to use an ice machine, it should be used for the first week. Please follow the directions given to you by the representative. The ice machine company will make arrangements for you to return the machine. If you do not have an ice machine, you may use ice packs to control the pain and swelling. Do not put the ice directly on the skin. Use ice for 20 minutes at a time, three times a day.

Activity: Crutches are used for the first 4 weeks unless Dr. Youm specifies otherwise. If you had a labral repair or significant bone resection, you will be partial weight bearing until Dr. Youm removes these restrictions. A hip brace is often used the first week after surgery. The brace allows for hip flexion but no rotation. The brace may be removed for showering and sleep. Physical therapy will be discussed at your first follow-up visit.

Medications: You will be given a prescription for pain medication. Please take the pain medication with food. Do not drink alcoholic beverages or drive if you are using pain medications.

Work: You will discuss when you can return to work with your surgeon on your first post-operative visit.

Driving: You will discuss when you can drive with your surgeon on your first post-operative visit. Generally, you need to feel close to 100% recovered with the operated knee before you can consider driving.

Follow-up: Your follow-up visit will be 6 days after surgery. If you had surgery on Tuesday, we will see you in the office on Monday. If you had surgery on Thursday, we will see you in the office on Wednesday. Please call the office to confirm.